Questions Answered – The JP

photo by Holly Pike

Face it. Weed is legal for recreational use in Massachusetts. With some minor regulations, adults like you and I can smoke pot in our homes with the freedom and dignity we deserve and expect. Finally.

At the same time, a commercial industry is growing in New England, and with any new industry comes new jobs, new money, and new issues. It sounds rosy, but there are plenty of uncertainties. And questions …

Let’s roll up a blunt, (or pack a bowl, bong, whatever) and talk about it. I’m gonna keep it ‘one-hunnit’ with you so you know where I am coming from. I’ve been a recreational cannabis user since I was 12 years old and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sorry coach. I believe in weed, in its many great properties.

I came up with the Joint Perspective (the JP) to address issues relating to the new cannabis economy that’s emerging in the Commonwealth with the passage of Question 4, which legalized recreational use for adults this past November.

Through the JP I will talk and write about issues, however out of left field, that are important to cannabis legalization in our state, cities, towns, and communities. Topics include: women in cannabispeople of color in cannabiscannabis on campuspast cannabis convictions, and more. These issues are important to me—as a longtime recreational user, cannabis advocate, educator, entrepreneur, and Bostonian who cares deeply about personal freedoms. I believe cannabis legalization is one of the major social justice issues of our time.

The other goal of the JP is to serve as a platform to discuss issues that are important to you, your friends, and your family members. Cannabis impacts all of us on many levels. If it doesn’t now, it may in due time. So, let’s talk openly about it.

To that end, I will have question and answer write-ups in which I will consult area experts, specialists, and others who are involved in cannabis for a firsthand look at how regular Commonwealth residents are paving the way through an uncharted industry at a remarkable time.

I welcome comments and feedback from listeners and readers. I hope to engage in fun, but important dialogue about cannabis in our community at the recreational level. Send your letters and emails to:

Marcus Johnson-Smith is the co-founder of Kush Groove. He is also the founder of Clearwater Branding. Follow Marcus on Instagram and Twitter @mjohnsonsmith and at his website: