Jobs Fair – Gateway to Opportunity?

Trying to gain entry to any restricted environment, particularly one that is as lucrative as the cannabis business, is mostly about who you know, what you know and who you are.

On July 25, 2018, the Equity and Opportunity: A Jobs Fair for a New Economy presented by Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association was held at the Reggie Lewis Center in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Over 750 people from all walks of life attended the event to learn what opportunities may exist in this blooming industry.

The Joint Perspective asked some attendees, vendors and stakeholders why they thought this job fair was important.

  1. Vernon Jackson, Job Seeker
  2. Miriam Maggie, Ardent Cannabis
  3. Kyle Heverly, Kush Bottles
  4. Horace Smalls, Massachusetts Cannabis Advisory Board
  5. Massachusetts Cannabis Compliance Training Institute
  6. Jay Youmans, Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association
  7. Carol Raymond, Revolutionary Clinics
  8. Shanel Lindsey, CAB, Equitable Opportunities Now, and Ardent Cannabis
  9. Jimmy Young, Sensi Magazine
  10. Rob Kersey, Alternative Therapies Group 
  11. Shaleene Title, Cannabis Control Commission
  12. Keith Cooper, Revolutionary Clinics
  13. Judge Leslie Harris, Massachusetts Cannabis Social Equity Board
  14. Dr. Karen Munkacy, Garden Remedies
  15. Andrea Cabral, Ascend Cannabis